Adventure Based Counseling

Adventure Based Counseling is group-counseling which utilizes experiential learning with novel and engaging group adventure activities which are systematically debriefed to help group participants develop pro-social behaviors and achieve personal growth and behavior change.


Brainspotting is a type of psychotherapy that locates points in the client’s visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma. Watch Video→

EMDR (Eye movement desensitization reprocessing for trauma)

EMDR is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress caused by trauma.

Equine therapy

Equine-assisted therapy (EAT) encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses to promote human physical and mental health.

Experiential therapy

Reaches the part of the brain where trauma is stored and allows processing in a way that traditional talk therapy cannot reach. Often includes movement and symbolizes.


Mindfulness is an approach to psychotherapy that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods in collaboration with mindfulness meditative practices and similar psychological strategies.

Trauma Stage Processing

Trauma stage processing creates safety and stabilization, helps patients come to terms with traumatic memories and decreases reactivity and shame to allow for wholehearted living.